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Parenting from Within, Sundays 11 A.M. to Noon When Religious School Is In Session

With Rabbi David Klatzker, Ph.D.

Drop your kids off at Religious School or come for the 9:00 am service, run errands, then join us for Cantor Frank’s famous coffee and an opportunity to meet other parents and discuss Jewish “mindfulness” practices in relation to parenting.

We will study “Mussar”—Jewish values and concepts to enhance our parenting practices and our relationships with our children.

Examples of the character traits we will discuss: Patience, humility, respect, order, trust, equanimity, lovingkindness. A different trait every week, so don’t worry if you have to miss a week.

No Jewish educational background is assumed. All are welcome. There is no charge.

RSVP to by November 4.

Mussar Study with Rabbi David Klatzker, Ph.D., Thursdays from 11:15 A.M. to 12:45 P.M. Starting Sep. 8th

All are welcome, both members and non-members. There is no tuition charge.
Mussar is a distinctly Jewish system for personal growth, specifically in the realm of character development.

We will discuss practical ways to develop key moral/spiritual traits — truth, patience, equanimity, gratitude and others.
Please purchase a copy of our primary text: Alan Morinis, Everyday Holiness (Note: This is NOT his book with a similar name, Every Day, Holy Day, although that is also a good read!) Additional readings will be provided.

Copies are available for about $10, including shipping (

To join the class, RSVP to, (908) 276-9231

Followed by lunch at the diner, if you’d like to join us!