Sustaining Pledge Model

Welcome Prospective Members!

Thank you for your interest in TBEMC.  As you may have heard, we are really excited about our transition from a traditional membership dues model to our Sustaining Pledge Model (SPM).  One of the reasons we’re making this change is for you. We want to lower barriers to our community so that you feel comfortable joining. We are also making this change to have a friendlier, values-based, and donor-centric approach for annual giving, and to better emphasize how we care for our community.  How does this work?

We ask all members, new and existing, to make a voluntary pledge, using the form here. As part of the SPM, we have eliminated our building fund, though we ask all members to contribute towards our temple’s security through an annual fee. Religious School tuition will still be separate.

We encourage everyone to be generous. We encourage as many people as possible to give at the Sustaining Amount, which is the average household contribution needed for us to meet our budgetary plan for the year.  For those who are able and interested, we encourage giving beyond the Sustaining Amount, so that everyone can be a part of our community, regardless of finances.  But no matter the dollar amount, we thank and appreciate everyone who contributes their time and money to making TBEMC a vibrant community. We understand that you are new to the community and don’t have a relationship with us yet. We are grateful for the level you choose to pledge.

All contributions will be recognized and accepted with gratitude. Special recognition will be given to those who fulfill pledges at the level of $3,600 or more (PILLARS) and at the level of $5,000 or more (SPONSORS).  Special recognition will also be given to those who give 10% or more than they did the previous year (STRIVERS).

We are excited about this new model, and we hope you are, too. We also appreciate there may be questions, so please feel free to reach out to us.

Bruce Solomon & C. Mindy Kipness, Co-Presidents
Jessica Suckerman, Membership Chair