Men’s Club


Who We Are:

Our Men’s Club is an active  member of the International  Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs (FJMC).  We provide a fun, social outlet to our members and very wide range of services to our Temple and our Jewish  Community.

Our main mission is to create a center for fraternalism, engage in philanthropic activities and stimulate social, cultural and athletic activities among our members and the Jewish community.

We received two Torch Awards at the International FJMC convention in Chicago for achieving excellence in our programs and practices.

We are also a winner of one of the FJMC’s highest awards:  “A Quality Club” in the Northern NJ region.

Additionally, of the first hundred men named throughout the Northern NJ region for shouldering significant responsibility in the region and FJMC activities, twelve men came from our TBEMC Men’s Club. We are an outstanding club in our region.

What We Do:

  • We established a special $7500 fund for our Temple board to draw against in order to promote their fundraising drives.
  • We build the Temple Sukkah and hold a BBQ for the workers.
  • We set up and usher during the High Holiday services.
  • We provide Sunday morning  breakfast after minyan each week.
  • We hold five dinners each year with speakers and/or bingo.
  • We have a Thanksgiving party with bingo, prizes for everyone, including a girls’ and boys’ bike as prizes.
  • We hold a Sisterhood/Men’s Club Brunch meeting with an exciting program.
  • We hold a Men’s Club Shabbat where we also honor our chosen Man of the Year.
  • We provide a mezuzah and scroll for the dorm room door of our college freshmen, as well as providing the book “Myths and Facts, A Guide to the Arab/ Israeli Conflict.”
  • We provide the “Book of Life” for those who are in mourning.
  • We provide Kiddush cups for our Bar and Bat Mitzvahs.
  • We sponsor and provide YomHaShoah candles to all of our  congregants and earmark any donations received to send our  students to the Jewish Museum  in New York.
  • We maintain the Holocaust Memorial Garden at the entrance to our Temple.
  • We sponsor the “World Wide Wrap” program where participants learn the making as well as learn or relearn the putting on of Tefillin.
  • We sponsor a breakfast for the Shofar “blow-out” learning lesson.
  • We sponsor the “Break the Fast Dinner” at the close of YomKippur.
  • We sponsor a Pizza Party for the USYers and provide additional equipment to the Temple and the Religious School.

Our board meets on the third Monday of each month and is open to all members.

We welcome your input!

For more information, contact the 2013-2014 Men’s Club co-presidents Lance Kandl (908-868-8191) and
Craig Schwartz (908-709-3776).