Our Congregation

For more than 100 years, Temple Beth-El Mekor Chayim (TBEMC) has provided for the needs of the Jewish community of Union County. As a Conservative, Egalitarian congregation, we are committed to the beauty of traditional Judaism while being a fully inclusive and modern congregation.

Like many congregations, TBEMC’s members are diverse in terms of ages and background.  Also like many congregations, we offer lifelong education, culture, social events, spiritual enrichment, personal growth, and positive volunteer experiences for our members.   Starting with Gan Katan, our pre-school program, and ending with our active Kadima and USY program, we engage our youth all through their school years.  For adults, we offer opportunities to read Torah and lead services, alongside the resources to learn these skills. Our We Care program looks after those in need in our community.

But what really sets TBEMC apart from other congregations is how warm and welcoming we are.  On your first visit, we will want to get to know you.  After a few visits, you will make new friends.  For many members, TBEMC has become an extended family, a community to help celebrate life’s joys and to cope with its challenges.

We look forward to meeting you!