TBEMC Accessibility

As a fully inclusive community, ensuring our building is accessible to all is a top concern.

Here is an overview of our accessibility offerings:

  • The building and sanctuary are fully accessible for wheelchairs, scooters, and mobility assistance equipment. A lift to the Bima and a pulpit on the ground level ensure that every member can participate in every aspect of our services.
  • Hearing assistive devices are available for services.
  • Large print siddurim/prayer books are also available.
  • A fully-accessible restroom suite is located on the sanctuary level, as well as a family restroom.
  • An accessible lift large enough to hold one person with a wheelchair, walker, or small scooter is located at the rear of the building adjacent to the reserved handicap parking spaces.
  • For any assistance, please call the office 908-276-9231 or email office@tbemc.org (except on Sabbath or Jewish holidays) to arrange for access.