Shmot (Exodus)

This year 5778 (2017-18) is the second year (second column) of the triennial cycle.

The following parshiot are combined:

  • Vayakhel and Pequdei

In addition –

  • Parshat Mishpatim is Shabbat Sheqalim
  • Parshat Tetzaveh is Shabbat Zakhor
  • Parshat Vayakhel/Pequdei is Shabbat Parah

The remaining columns currently contain information from the previous two years of the cycle They will be updated in due time.

11:1-1:7 Aaron Werschulz3:1-3:6 Rabbi Tow4:18-4:20 Art Werschulz
21:8-1:12 Aaron Werschulz3:7-3:10 Rabbi Tow4:21-4:26 Art Werschulz
31:13-1:17 Aaron Werschulz3:11-3:15 Hazzan FLT4:27-4:31 Art Werschulz
41:18-1:22 Debbie Kaplan3:16-3:22 Art Werschulz5:1-5:5 Art Werschulz
52:1-2:10 Art Werschulz4:1-4:5 Art Werschulz5:6-5:9 Art Werschulz
62:11-2:15 Art Werschulz4:6-4:9 Aaron Werschulz5:10-5:14 Art Werschulz
72:16-2:25 Aaron Werschulz4:10-4:17 Aaron Werschulz5:15-6:1 Aaron Werschulz
M2:23-2:25 Aaron Werschulz4:14-4:17 Aaron Werschulz5:22-6:1 Aaron Werschulz
16:2-6:5 Hazzan FLT7:8-7:13 Rabbi Tow8:16-8:23 Laura Cohen
26:6-6:9 Hazzan FLT7:14-7:18 Rabbi Tow8:24-8:28 Art Werschulz
36:10-6:13 Hazzan FLT7:19-7:25 Fred Kant9:1-9:7 Art Werschulz
46:14-6:19 Jack Greenberg7:26-7:29 Hazzan FLT9:8-9:16 Art Werschulz
56:20-6:25 Jack Greenberg8:1-8:6 Hazzan FLT9:17-9:21 Art Werschulz
66:26-6:28 Hazzan FLT8:7-8:11 Girsh Sorkin9:22-9:26 Fred Kant
76:29-7:7 Hazzan FLT8:12-8:15 Girsh Sorkin9:27-9:35 Fred Kant
MNum. 28:9-28:15 Hazzan FLT8:12-8:15 Girsh Sorkin9:33-9:35 Fred Kant
110:1-10:3 Art Werschulz11:4-11:10 Art Werschulz12:29-12:32 Art Werschulz
210:4-10:6 Art Werschulz12:1-12:10 Art Werschulz12:33-12:36 Art Werschulz
310:7-10:11 Art Werschulz12:11-12:13 Art Werschulz12:37-12:42 Art Werschulz
410:12-10:15 Ethan Kanig12:14-12:16 Art Werschulz12:43-12:51 Art Werschulz
510:16-10:23 Laura Cohen12:17-12:20 Art Werschuilz13:1-13:4 Aaron Werschulz
610:24-10:29 Girsh Sorkin12:21-12:24 Art Werschulz13:5-13:10 Aaron Werschulz
711:1-11:3 Randy Katz12:25-12:28 Art Werschulz13:11-13:16 Laura Cohen
M11:1-11:3 Randy Katz12:25-12:28 Art Werschulz13:14-13:16 Laura Cohen
113:17-13:22 Hazzan FLT14:15-14:20 Rabbi Tow14:26-15:21 Art Werschulz (services cancelled-snowstorm)
214:1-14:4 Hazzan FLT14:21-14:25 Rabbi Tow15:22-15:26 Art Werschulz
314:5-14:8 Hazzan FLT14:26-15:21 Rabbi Tow15:27-16:10 Aaron Werschulz
414:9-14:14 Rabbi Neil Tow15:22-15:26 Rabbi Tow16:11-16:27 Caren Heller
514:15-14:20 Hazzan FLT15:27-16:3 Rabbi Tow16:28-16:36 Girsh Sorkin
614:21-14:25 Hazzan FLT16:4-16:7 Rabbi Tow17:1-17:7
714:26-15:26 Hazzan FLT16:8-16:10 Rabbi Tow17:8-17:16 Laura
M15:22-15:26 Hazzan FLT16:8-16:10 Rabbi Tow17:14-17:16 Laura Cohen
118:1-18:12 Art Werschulz18:1-18:12 Art Werschulz18:1-18:12 Art Werschulz
218:13-18:24 Art Werschulz18:13-18:24 Art Werschulz18:13-18:24 Art Werschulz
318:24-18:27 Art Werschulz18:24-18:27 Joe Bloomfield18:24-18:27 Joe Bloomfield
419:1-19:6 Art Werschulz19:1-19:6 Art Werschulz19:1-19:6 Art Werschulz
519:7-19:19 Art Werschulz19:7-19:19 Art Werschulz19:7-19:19 Art Werschulz
619:20-20:14 Art Werschulz19:20-20:14 Art Werschulz19:20-20:14 Art Werschulz
720:15-20:23 Art Werschulz20:15-20:23 Art Werschulz20:15-20:23 Art Werschulz
M20:19-20:23 Art Werschulz20:19-20:23 Art Werschulz20:19-20:23 Art Werschulz
121:1-21:6 Hazzan FLT22:4-22:8 Hazzan FLT23:20-23:25 Girsh Sorkin
221:7-21:11 Hazzan FLT22:9-22:12 Hazzan FLT23:26-23:30 Girsh Sorkin
321:12-21:19 Hazzan FLT22:13-22:18 Hazzan FLT23:31-23:33 Raffi Kopla
421:20-21:27 Spencer Brooks22:19-22:26 Hazzan FLT24:1-24:6 Raffi Kopla
521:28-21:32 Girsh Sorkin22:27-23:5 Hazzan FLT24:7-24:11Aaron Werschulz
621:33-21:36 Girsh Sorkin23:6-23:13 Hazzan FLT24:12-24:14 Aaron Werschulz
721:37-22:3 Spencer Brooks23:14-23:19 Hazzan FLT24:15-24:18 Fred Kessler
MSheqalim Art WerschulzSheqalim Art Werschulz24:15-24:18 Fred Kessler
125:1-25:5 Art Werschulz26:1-26:3 Art Werschulz26:31-26:33 Aaron Werschulz
225:6-25:9 Art Werschulz26:4-26:6 Art Werschulz26:34-26:37 Aaron Werschulz
325:10-25:16 Art Werschulz26:7-26:11 Art Werschulz27:1-27:3 Aaron Werschulz
425:17-25:22 Aaron Werschulz26:12-26:14 Art Werschulz27:4-27:8 Fred Kant
525:23-25:30 Aaron Werschulz26:15-26:21 Art Werschulz27:9-27:12 Fred Kant
625:31-25:33 Aaron Werschulz26:22-26:25 Art Werschulz27:13-27:16 Girsh Sorkin
725:34-25:40 Laura Cohen26:26-26:30 Rabbi Tow27:17-27:19 Girsh Sorkin
M25:37-25:40 Laura Cohen
26:26-26:30 Rabbi Tow27:17-27:19 Girsh Sorkin
127:20-28:5 Art Werschulz28:31-28:35 Hazzan FLT29:19-29:21 Laura Cohen
228:6-28:9 Art Werschulz28:36-28:38 Girsh Sorkin29:22-29:25 Laura Cohen
328:10-28:12 Art Werschulz28:39-28:43 Girsh Sorkin29:26-29:30 Laura Cohen
428:13-28:17 Andrea Lankin29:1-29:4 Rabbi Tow29:31-29:34 Fred Kessler
528:18-28:21 Andrea Lankin29:5-29:9 Rabbi Tow29:35-29:37 Art Werschulz
628:22-28:25 Andrea Lankin29:10-29:14 Fred Kant29:38-29:46 Art Werschulz
728:26-28:30 Andrea Lankin29:15-29:18 Hazzan FLT30:1-30:10 Art Werschulz
MZakhor Steve SolomonZakhor Steve Solomon30:8-30:10 Art Werschulz
Ki Tissa
130:11-30:13 Art Werschulz31:18-32:6 Art Werschulz33:12-33:16 Jack Greenberg/Aaron Turnof
230:14-30:16 Art Werschulz32:7-32:11 Art Werschulz33:17-33:23 Jack Greenberg
330:17-30:21 Art Werschulz32:12-32:14 Art Werschulz34:1-34:9 Art Werschulz
430:22-30:33 Art Werschulz32:15-32:24 Art Werschulz
34:10-34:17 Art Werschulz
530:34-30:38 Art Werschulz32:25-32:29 Rabbi Tow34:18-34:21 Kayla Turnof
631:1-31:11 Art Werschulz32:30-33:6 Rabbi Tow34:22-34:26 Kayla Turnof
731:12-31:17 Art Werschulz33:7-33:11 Rabbi Tow34:27-34:35 Kayla Turnof
MParah Art Werschulz33:9-33:11 Rabbi Tow
34:33-34:35 Kayla Turnof
Vayaqhel/Pequdei together
135:1-35:10 Art Werschulz37:17-37:24 Rabbi Tow39:22-39:26
235:11-35:20 Art Werschulz
37:25-37:29 Rabbi Tow
335:21-35:29 Hazzan FLT38:1-38:8 Rabbi Tow39:33-39:43
435:30-36:7 Hazzan FLT38:9-38:20 Rabbi Tow
536:8-36:19 Hazzan FLT38:21-39:1 Rabbi Tow40:9-40:16
636:20-36:38 Hazzan FLT39:2-39:7 Rabbi Tow40:17-40:27
737:1-37:16 Art Werschulz39:8-39:21 Art Werschuiz40:28-40:38
MHaHodesh Art WerschulzParah Art WerschuizHaHodesh
Vayaqhel (not this year)
135:1-35:3 Not in 201735:1-35:336:20-36:30 Art Werschulz
235:4-35:10 35:4-35:1036:31-36:38 Girsh Sorkin
335:11-35:20 35:11-35:2037:1-37:16 Girsh Sorkin
435:21-35:29 35:21-35:2937:17-37:24 Art Werschulz
535:30-35:35 35:30-35:3537:25-37:29 Laura Cohen
636:1-36:7 36:1-36:738:1-38:8 Fred Kant
736:8-36:19 36:8-36:1938:9-38:20 Art Werschulz
M36:17-36:19 Sheqalim Art Werschulz
Pequdei (not this year)
138:21-38:23 not in 201738:21-38:2339:22-39:26 Girsh Sorkin
238:24-38:2738:21-38:2339:27-39:32 Girsh Sorkin
338:28-39:138:28-39:139:33-39:43 Rabbi Kenter
439:2-39:739:2-39:740:1-40:8 Rabbi Kenter
539:8-39:1439:8-39:1440:9-40:16 Laura Cohen
639:15-39:1839:15-39:1840:17-40:27 Fred Kant
739:19-39:2139:19-39:2140:28-40:38 Art Werschulz
MSheqalim 39:19-39:2140:34-40:38 Art Werschulz