Devarim (Deuteronomy)

This year 5778 (2016-18) is the second year (second column) of the triennial cycle.

  • No parshiyot are combined.
  • Parshat Vayeilekh is Shabbat Shuva.

The remaining columns currently contain information from the
previous two years of the cycle. They will be updated in due time.

11:1-1:3 Art Werschulz2:2-2:5 Art Werschulz2:31-2:34 Laura Cohen
21:4-1:7 Art Werschulz2:6-2:12 Art Werschulz2:35-2:37 Hayley Goodman
31:8-1:10 Art Werschulz2:13-2:16 Rabbi Tow3:1-3:3 Hayley Goodman
41:11-1:21 Art Werschulz2:17-2:19 Rabbi Tow3:4-3:7 Ethan Kanig
51:22-1:28 Ethan Kanig2:20-2:22 Rabbi Tow3:8-3:11 Ethan Kanig
61:29-1:38 Hazzan FLT2:23-2:25 Raffi Kopla3:12-3:14 Girsh Sorkin
71:39-2:1 Spencer Brooks2:26-2:30 Raffi Kopla3:15-3:22 Girsh Sorkin
M1:39-2:1 Spencer Brooks2:28-2:30 Raffi Kopla3:20-3:22 Girsh Sorkin
(version with Ten Commandments
every year)
13:23-3:25 Art Werschulz5:1-5:18 Art Werschulz5:1-5:18 Art Werschulz
23:26-4:4 Art Werschulz5:19-5:24 Art Werschulz5:19-5:24 Art Werschulz
34:5-4:14 Art Werschulz5:25-5:30 Art Werschulz5:25-6:3 Art Werschulz
44:15-4:20 Art Werschulz6:1-6:3 Art Werschulz6:4-6:9 Art Werschulz
54:21-4:40 Hazzan FLT6:4-6:9 Patty Werschulz6:10-6:19 Art Werschulz
64:41-4:49 Judy Sperling6:10-6:19 Mark Kaplan6:20-6:25 Art Werschulz
75:1-5:18 Art Werschulz6:20-6:25 Art Werschulz7:1-7:11Art Werschulz
M5:16-5:18 Art Werschulz6:23-6:25 Art Werschulz7:9-7:11Art Werschulz
17:12-7:16 Hazzan Frank LT9:4-9:10 Raffi Kopla10:12-10:15 Girsh Sorkin
27:17-7:21 Hazzan Frank LT9:11-9:14 Debbie Kaplan10:16-10:22 Girsh Sorkin
37:22-7:26 Hazzan Frank LT9:15-9:21 Rabbi Tow11:1-11:9 Randy Klatzker
48:1-8:3 Hazzan Frank LT9:22-9:29 Rabbi Tow11:10-11:12 Louise Spergel
58:4-8:10 Hazzan Frank LT10:1-10:5 Rabbi Tow11:13-11:15 Art Werschulz
68:11-8:18 Girsh Sorkin10:6-10:8 Girsh Sorkin11:16-11:21 Art Werschulz
78:19-9:3 Girsh Sorkin10:9-10:11 Girsh Sorkin11:22-11:25 Louise Spergel
M9:1-9:3 Girsh Sorkin10:9-10:11 Girsh Sorkin11:22-11:25 Louise Spergel
111:26-11:31 Art Werschulz12:29-13:1 Girsh Sorkin15:1-15:6 Aaron Werschulz
211:32-12:5 Art Werschulz13:2-13:6 Girsh Sorkin15:7-15:11 Hazzan Frank LT
312:6-12:10 Art Werschulz13:7-13:12 Rabbi Tow15:12-15:18 Hazzan Frank LT
412:11-12:16 Fred Kant13:13-13:19 Rabbi Tow15:19-15:23 Hazzan Frank LT
512:17-12:19 Art Werschulz14:1-14:8 Rabbi Tow16:1-16:8 Hazzan Frank LT
612:20-12:25 Alana Taub14:9-14:21 Art Werschulz16:9-16:12 Joe Bloomfield
712:26-12:28 Matt Kessler14:22-14:29 Art Werschulz16:13-16:17 Girsh Sorkin
M12:26-12:28 Matt KesslerNum. 28:9-15 Art Werschulz16:13-16:17 Girsh Sorkin
116:18-16:20 Rabbi Tow18:6-18:8 Art Werschulz19:14-19:21 Art Werschulz
216:21-17:7 Rabbi Tow18:9-18:13 Art Werschulz20:1-20:4 Fred Kessler
317:8-17:10 Rabbi Tow18:14-18:17 Art Werschulz20:5-20:9 Fred Kant
417:11-17:13 Rabbi Tow18:18-18:22 Laura Cohen20:10-20:14 Fred Kant
517:14-17:17 Rabbi Schwartz19:1-19:7 Art Werschulz20:15-20:20 Laura Cohen
617:18-17:20 Rabbi Schwartz19:8-19:10 Girsh Sorkin21:1-21:6 Girsh Sorkin
718:1-18:5 Rabbi Schwartz19:11-19:13 Girsh Sorkin21:7-21:9 Girsh Sorkin
M18:3-18:5 Rabbi Schwartz19:11-19:13 Girsh Sorkin21:7-21:9 Girsh Sorkin
Ki Teitzei
121:10-21:1 Hazzan FLT23:8-23:12 Art Werschulz24:14-24:16 Joe Bloomfield
221:15-21:17 Hazzan FLT23:13-23:15 Art Werschulz24:17-24:19 Girsh Sorkin
321:18-21:21 Hazzan FLT23:16-23:19 Girsh Sorkin24:20-24:22 Alana Taub
421:22-22:7 Ben Dunford23:20-23:24 Girsh Sorkin25:1-25:4 Mark Kaplan
522:8-22:12 Ben Dunford23:25-24:4 Rabbi Tow25:5-25:10 Mark Kaplan
622:13-22:29 Art Werschulz24:5-24:9 Rabbi Tow25:11-25:16 Alana Taub
723:1-23:7 Girsh Sorkin24:10-24:13 Rabbi Tow25:17-25:19 Art Werschulz
M23:4-23:7 Girsh Sorkin24:10-24:13 Rabbi Tow25:17-25:19 Art Werschulz
Ki Tavo
126:1-26:3 Art Werschulz26:12-26:15 Art Werschulz27:11-28:3 Rabbi Klatzker
226:5-26:8 Art Werschulz26:16-26:19 Girsh Sorkin28:4-28:6 Judy Sperling
326:9-26:11 Art Werschulz27:1-27:3 Girsh Sorkin28:7-28:11 Judy Sperling
426:12-26:15 Art Werschulz27:4-27:10 Girsh Sorkin28:12-28:14 Jack Sperling
526:16-26:19 Girsh Sorkin27:11-27:14 Art Werschulz28:15-28:69 Hazzan FLT
627:1-27:3 Girsh Sorkin27:15-28:3 Art Werschulz29:1-29:5 Girsh Sorkin
727:4-27:10 Girsh Sorkin28:4-28:6 Art Werschulz29:6-29:8 Girsh Sorkin
M27:7-27:10 Girsh Sorkin28:4-28:6 Art Werschulz29:6-29:8 Girsh Sorkin
Nitzavim/Vayeilech together
129:9-29:11 Art Werschulz30:1-30:3 not this year31:7-31:9 Not in 2016
229:12-29:14 Art Werschulz30:4-30:631:10-31:13
329:15-29:28 Art Werschulz30:7-30:1031:14-31:19
430:1-30:3 Art Werschulz30:11-30:1431:20-31:22
530:4-30:6 Art Werschulz30:15-30:2031:22-31:24
630:7-30:10 Art Werschulz31:1-31:331:25-31:27
730:11-30:14 Art Werschulz31:4-31:631:28-31:30
M30:11-30:14 Art Werschulz31:4-31:631:28-31:30
129:9-29:11 not this year29:9-29:11 Turnoff29:9-29:11 Art Werschulz
229:12-29:14 29:12-29:14 Turnoff29:12-29:14 Art Werschulz
329:15-29:28 29:15-29:28 Turnoff29:15-29:28 Art Werschulz
430:1-6 30:1-6 Turnoff30:1-6 Art Werschulz
530:7-10 30:7-10 Turnoff30:7-10 Art Werschulz
630:11-30:14 30:11-30:14 Turnoff30:11-30:14 Art Werschulz
730:15-30:20 30:15-30:20 Turnoff30:15-30:20 Art Werschulz
M30:18-30:20 30:18-30:20 Turnoff30:18-30:20 Art Werschulz
131:1-31:3 not this year31:1-31:3 Girsh Sorkin31:1-31:3 Art Werschulz
231:4-31:6 31:4-31:6 Girsh Sorkin31:4-31:6 Art Werschulz
331:7-31:9 31:7-31:9 Rafi Kopla31:7-31:9 Art Werschulz
431:10-31:1331:10-31:13 Art Werschulz31:10-31:13 Fred Kant
531:14-31:2031:14-31:20 Laura Cohen31:14-31:20 Ted Einhorn
631:21-31:2431:21-31:24 Art Werschulz31:21-31:24 Fred Kant
731:25-31:3031:25-31:30 Art Werschulz31:25-31:30 Fred Kessler
M31:28-31:3031:28-31:30 Art Werschulz31:28-31:30 Fred Kessler
132:1-32:6 Hazzan FLT32:1-32:6 Art Werschulz32:1-32:6 Hazzan FLT
232:7-32:12 Hazzan FLT32:7-32:12 Art Werschulz32:7-32:12 Hazzan FLT
332:13-32:18 Hazzan FLT32:13-32:18 Art Werschulz32:13-32:18 Hazzan FLT
432:19-32:28 Hazzan FLT32:19-32:28 Rabbi Tow32:19-32:28 Hazzan FLT
532:29-32:39 Hazzan FLT32:29-32:39 Rabbi Tow32:29-32:39 Hazzan FLT
632:40-32:43 Hazzan FLT32:40-32:43 Rabbi Tow32:40-32:43 Hazzan FLT
732:44-32:52 Hazzan FLT32:44-32:52 Rabbi Tow32:44-32:52 Hazzan FLT
M32:48-32:52 Hazzan FLT32:48-32:52 Rabbi Tow32:48-32:52 Hazzan FLT
V'zot Hab'rakha (Simhat Torah)
133:1-33:7 Several concurrent33:1-33:7 Several concurrent33:1-33:7 Several concurrent
233:8-33:2 Several concurrent33:8-33:12 Several concurrent33:8-33:12 Several concurrent
333:13-33:17 Several concurrent33:13-33:17 Several concurrent33:13-33:17 Several concurrent
433:18-33:21 Several concurrent33:18-33:21 Several concurrent33:18-33:21 Several concurrent
533:22-33:26 Several concurrent33:22-33:26 Several concurrent33:22-33:26 Several concurrent
633:27-34:12 Art Werschulz33:27-34:12 Art Werschulz33:27-34:12 Art Werschulz

Actually, there are only six aliyot for V’zot Habracha (Simhat Torah).
The only exception is when Simhat Torah falls out on Shabbat, which only happens in Israel.