Bereishit (Genesis)

The year 5778 (2017-18) is the second year (second column) of the triennial cycle.

  • Parashat Noah is Rosh Hodesh
  • Parshat Miqqeitz is Shabbat Hanukkah

The remaining columns currently contain information from the previous two years of the cycle. They will be updated in due time.

11:1-1:5 Art Werschulz2:4-2:9 Hazzan FLT5:1-5:5 Fred Kant
21:6-1:8 Art Werschulz2:10-2:19 Rabbi Tow5:6-5:8 Fred Kant
31:9-1:13 Art Werschulz2:20-2:25 Rabbi Tow5:9-5:14 Rabbi Goldstein
41:14-1:19 Art Werschulz3:1-3:21 Hazzan FLT5:15-5:20 Girsh Sorkin
51:20-1:23 Art Werschulz3:22-3:24 Hazzan FLT5:21-5:24 Girsh Sorkin
61:24-1:31 Art Werschulz4:1-4:18 Hazzan FLT5:25-5:31 Raffi Kopla
72:1-2:3 Art Werschulz4:19-4:26 Hazzan FLT5:32-6:8 Girsh Sorkin
M2:1-2:3 Art Werschulz4:23-4:26 Hazzan FLT6:5-6:8 Girsh Sorkin
16:9-6:16 Art Werschulz8:15-8:22 Art Werschulz11:1-11:4 Jack Greenberg
26:17-6:19 Art Werschulz9:1-9:7 Hazzan FLT11:5-11:9 Raffi Kopla
36:20-6:22 Art Werschulz9:8-9:17 Hazzan FLT11:10-11:13 Raffi Kopla
47:1-7:9 Randy Katz9:18-9:29 Mark Kaplan11:14-11:17 Max Kopla
57:10-7:16 Aaron Werschulz10:01-10:14 Hazzan FLT11:18-11:21 Noah Kopla
67:17-7:24 Hazzan FLT10:15-10:20 Art Werschulz11:22-11:25 Noah Kopla
78:1-8:14 Hazzan FLT10:21-10:32 Girsh Sorkin11:26-11:32 Noah Kopla
M8:12-8:14 Hazzan FLTNum. 28:9-28:15 Nicoletta LT11:29-11:32 Noah Kopla
Lekh L'kha
112:1-12:3 Hazzan FLT14:1-14:9 Art Werschulz16:1-16:6 Fred Kant
212:4-12:9 Hazzan FLT14:10-14:16 Fred Kant16:7-16:9 Fred Kant
312:10-12:13 Hazzan FLT14:17-14:20 Tatiana Mross16:10-16:16 Laura Cohen
412:14-12:20 Randy Katz14:21-14:24 Tatiana Mross17:1-17:6 Rabbi Goldstein
513:1-13:4 Randy Katz15:1-15:6 Laura Cohen17:7-17:17 Rabbi Goldstein
613:5-13:11 Art Werschulz15:7-15:16 Girsh Sorkin17:18-17:23 Girsh Sorkin
713:12-13:18 Girsh Sorkin15:17-15:21 Girsh Sorkin17:24-17:27 Girsh Sorkin
M13:16-13:18 Girsh Sorkin15:17-15:21 Girsh Sorkin17:24-17:27 Girsh Sorkin
VayeiraAlternate aliyot for 2015 listed next to traditional triennial
118:1-18:5 Art Werschulz19:1-19:11 Art Werschulz21:1-21:4 Girsh Sorkin
218:6-18:8 Art Werschulz19:12-19:20 Art Werschulz21:5-21:13 (alt 21:5-8) Aaron Werschulz
318:9-18:14 Art Werschulz19:21-19:29 Hazzan FLT21:14-21:21 (alt 21:9-13) Girsh Sorkin
418:15-18:21 Fred Kant19:30-19:38 Hazzan FLT21:22-21:34 (alt 21:14-21) Rabbi Goldstein
518:22-18:26 Randy Katz20:1-20:8 Aaron Werschulz22:1-22:8 (alt 21:22-24) Max Kopla
618:27-18:30 Aaron Werschulz20:9-20:14 Girsh Sorkin22:9-22:19 (alt 21:25-31) Rabbi Goldstein
718:31-18:33 Aaron Werschulz20:15-20:18 Ben Dunford22:20-22:24 (alt 21:32-34) Girsh Sorkin
M18:31-18:33 Aaron Werschulz20:15-20:18 Ben Dunford22:20-22:24 (alt 21:32-34) Girsh Sorkin
Hayei Sarah
123:1-23:4 Hazzan FLT24:10-24:14 Art Werschulz24:53-24:58 Girsh Sorkin
223:5-23:7 Hazzan FLT24:15-24:20 Rabbi Tow24:59-24:61 Girsh Sorkin
323:8-23:12 Hazzan FLT24:21-24:26 Rabbi Tow24:62-24:67 Fred Kant
423:13-23:16 Girsh Sorkin24:27-24:33 Girsh Sorkin25:1-25:6 Girsh Sorkin
523:17-23:20 Girsh Sorkin24:34-24:41 Girsh Sorkin25:7-25:11 Aaron Werschulz
624:1-24:4 Sharon Taub24:42-24:49 Laura Cohen25:12-25:15 Jeremy Brooks
724:5-24:9 Alana Taub24:50-24:52 Rabbi Tow25:16-25:18 Jeremy Brooks
M24:5-24:9 Alana Taub24:50-24:52 Rabbi Tow25:16-25:18 Jeremy Brooks
125:19-25:22 Fred Kessler26:23-26:29 Art Werschulz27:28-27:30 Debbie Kaplan
225:23-25:26 Fred Kessler26:30-26:33 Debbie Kaplan27:31-27:33 Dori Kaplan
325:27-25:34 Fred Kessler26:35-27:4 Hazzan FLT27:34-27:37 Zachary Spergel
426:1-26:5 Fred Kessler27:5-27:13 Hazzan FLT27:38-27:40 Marc Leibowitz
526:6-26:12 Randy Katz27:14-27:17 Tatiana Mross27:41-27:46 Mark Kaplan
626:13-26:16 Art Werschulz27:18-27:23 Matt Kessler28:1-28:4 Girsh Sorkin
726:17-26:22 Matthew Kessler27:24-27:27 Fred Kessler28:5-28:9 Fred Kessler
M26:19-26:22 Matthew Kessler27:24-27:27 Fred Kessler28:7-28:9 Fred Kessler
128:10-28:12 Art Werschulz30:14-30:16 Art Werschulz31:17-31:21 Marc Leibowitz
228:13-28:17 Art Werschulz30:17-30:21 Ben Dunford31:22-31:24 Becky Leibowitz
328:18-28:22 Art Werschulz30:22-30:27 Hazzan FLT31:25-31:35 Laura Cohen
429:1-29:8 Aaron Werschulz30:28-30:36 Art Werschulz31:36-31:42 Girsh Sorkin
529:9-29:17 Hazzan FLT30:37-30:43 Hazzan FLT31:43-31:45 Aaron Werschulz
629:18-29:33 Hazzan FLT31:1-31:9 Fred Kant31:46-31:50 Aaron Werschulz
729:34-30:13 Randy Katz31:10-31:16 Girsh Sorkin31:51-32:3 Girsh Sorkin
M30:9-30:13 Randy Katz31:14-31:16 Girsh Sorkin32:1-32:3 Girsh Sorkin
132:4-32:6 Hazzan FLT34:1-34:4 Hazzan FLT35:16-35:26 Laura Cohen
232:7-32:9 Hazzan FLT34:5-34:12 Hazzan FLT35:27-35:29 Laura Cohen
332:10-32:13 Hazzan FLT34:13-34:17 Hazzan FLT36:1-36:8 Larry Epstein
432:14-32:22 Art Werschulz34:18-34:23 Girsh Sorkin36:9-36:19 Larry Epstein
532:23-32:30 Art Werschulz34:24-34:31 Hazzan FLT36:20-36:30 Larry Epstein
632:31-33:5 35:1-35:11 Laura Cohen36:31-36:39 Larry Epstein
733:6-33:20 Laura Cohen35:12-35:15 Laura Cohen36:40-36:43 Laura Cohen
M33:18-33:20 Laura Cohen35:12-35:15 Laura Cohen36:40-36:43 Laura Cohen
137:1-37:3 Art Werschulz38:1-38:5 Rabbi Tow39:1-39:6 Fred Kant
237:4-37:7 Art Werschulz38:6-38:11 Rabbi Tow39:7-39:10 Aaron Werschulz
337:8-37:11 Art Werschulz38:12-38:14 Tatiana Mross39:11-39:18 Girsh Sorkin
437:12-37:17 Hayley Goodman38:15-38:19 Hazzan FLT39:19-39:23 Girsh Sorkin
537:18-37:22 Hayley Goodman38:20-38:23 Hazzan FLT40:1-40:8 Caren Heller
637:23-37:28 Girsh Sorkin38:24-38:26 Girsh Sorkin40:9-40:15 Caren Heller
737:29-37:36 Art Werschulz38:27-38:30 Girsh Sorkin40:16-40:23 Aaron Werschulz
M37:34-37:36 Art Werschulz38:27-38:30 Girsh Sorkin40:20-40:23 Aaron Werschulz
141:1-41:4 Hazzan FLT41:53-41:57 Laura Cohen43:16-43:18 Spencer Brooks
241:5-41:7 Hazzan FLT42:1-42:5 Tatiana Mross43:19-43:25 Spencer Brooks
341:8-41:14 Hazzan FLT42:6-42:18 Hazzan FLT43:26-43:29 Mark Kaplan
441:15-41:24 Fred Kant42:19-42:28 Hazzan FLT43:30-43:34 Mark Kaplan
541:25-41:38 Art Werschulz42:29-42:38 Hazzan FLT44:1-44:6 Girsh Sorkin
641:39-41:43 Girsh Sorkin43:1-43:7 Art Werschulz44:7-44:17 Girsh Sorkin
741:44-41:52 Girsh Sorkin43:8-43:15 Art WerschulzNum. 28:9-28:15 Spencer Brooks
MNum. 7:48-7:53 Art WerschulzNum. 7:48-7:53 Art WerschulzNum. 7:42-7:47 Art Werschulz
144:18-44:20 Art Werschulz45:28-46:4 46:28-46:30 Becky Leibowitz
244:21-44:24 Art Werschulz46:5-46:7 46:31-46:34 Zachary Spergel
344:25-44:30 Art Werschulz46:8-46:11 47:1-47:6 Girsh Sorkin
444:31-44:34 Hayley Goodman46:12-46:15 47:7-47:10 Marc Leibowitz
545:1-45:7 Art Werschulz46:16-46:18 47:11-47:19 Fred Kant
645:8-45:18 Laura Cohen46:19-46:22 Fred Kant
47:20-47:22 Fred Kant
745:19-45:27 Randy Katz46:23-46:27 Fred Kant47:23-47:27 Fred Kant
M45:25-45:27 Randy Katz46:23-46:27 Fred Kant47:25-47:27 Fred Kant
147:28-47:31 Hazzan FLT49:1-49:449:27-49:30 Ethan Kanig
248:1-48:3 Hazzan FLT49:5-49:749:31-49:33 Becky Leibowitz
348:4-48:9 Hazzan FLT49:8-49:1250:1-50:6 Sperling
448:10-48:13 Fred Kant49:13-49:1550:7-50:9 Sperling
548:14-48:16 Art Werschulz49:16-49:1850:10-50:14 Sperling
648:17-48:19 Art Werschulz49:19-49:2150:15-50:20 Marc Leibowitz
748:20-48:22 Art Werschulz49:22-49:2650:21-50:26 Art Werschulz
M48:20-48:22 Art Werschulz49:22-49:2650:23-50:26 Art Werschulz