Bamidbar (Numbers)

This year 5778 (2017-18) is the second year (second column) of the triennial cycle.

The following parshiot are combined:

  • Matot and Masei

The remaining columns currently contain information from the previous two years of the cycle.  They will be updated in due time.

11:1-1:4 Art Werschulz2:1-2:9 Art Werschulz3:14-3:20 Jack Greenberg
2 1:5-1:16 Art Werschulz2:10-2:16 Art Werschulz3:21-3:26 Jack Greenberg
3 1:17-1:19 Art Werschulz2:17-2:24 Art Werschulz3:27-3:39 Jack Greenberg
4 1:20-1:27 Art Werschulz2:25-2:31 Art Werschulz3:40-3:43 Art Werschulz
5 1:28-1:35 Art Werschulz2:32-2:34 Art Werschulz3:44-3:51 Art Werschulz
6 1:36-1:43 Art Werschulz3:1-3:4 Art Werschulz4:1-4:10 Art Werschulz
7 1:44-1:54 Art Werschulz3:5-3:13 Art Werschulz4:11-4:20 Art Werschulz
M 1:52-1:54 Art Werschulz3:11-3:13 Art Werschulz4:17-4:20 Art Werschulz
14:21-4:24 Hazzan FLT5:11-5:15 Rabbi Tow7:1-7:11 Jack Greenberg
24:25-4:28 Hazzan FLT5:16-5:26 Rabbi Tow7:12-7:23 Art Werschulz
34:29-4:33 Hazzan FLT5:27-6:4 Girsh Sorkin7:24-7:35 Zach Kaplan
44:34-4:37 Art Werschulz6:5-6:8 Girsh Sorkin7:36-7:47 Zach Kaplan
54:38-4:49 Art Werschulz6:9-6:15 Raffi Kopla7:48-7:59 Zach Kaplan
65:1-5:4 Art Werschulz6:16-6:21 Art Werschulz7:60-7:71 Zach Kaplan
75:5-5:10 Ben Dunford6:22-6:27 Art Werschulz7:72-7:89 Zach Kaplan
M5:8-5:10 Ben Dunford6:22-6:27 Art Werschulz7:87-7:89 Zach Kaplan
18:1-8:4 Art Werschulz9:15-9:18 Howard Kessler10:35-11:9 Art Werschulz
28:5-8:9 Art Werschulz9:19-9:23 Howard Kessler11:10-11:18 Art Werschulz
38:10-8:14 Art Werschulz10:1-10:7 Laura Cohen11:19-11:22 Art Werschulz
48:15-8:22 10:8-10:10 Debbie Kaplan11:23-11:29 Jack Greenberg
58:23-8:26 Jeremy Brooks10:11-10:20 Rabbi Tow11:30-11:35 Jack Grennberg
69:1-9:8 Spencer Brooks10:21-10:28 Rabbi Tow12:1-12:13 Jack Greenberg
79:9-9:14 Spencer Brooks10:29-10:34 Rabbi Tow12:14-12:16 Art Werschulz
M9:12-9:14 Spencer Brooks10:32-10:34 Micah Berger12:14-12:16 Art Werschulz
113:1-13:3 Art Werschulz14:8-14:10 Rabbi Tow15:8-15:10 Fred Kant
213:4-13:16 Art Werschulz14:11-14:20 Rabbi Tow15:11-15:16 Fred Kant
313:17-13:20 Art Werschulz14:21-14:25 Rabbi Tow15:17-15:21 Art Werschulz
413:21-13:24 David Salomon14:26-14:38 Rabbi Tow15:22-15:26 Art Werschulz
513:25-13:30 David Salomon14:39-14:42 Rabbi Tow15:27-15:31 Art Werschulz
613:31-13:33 David Salomon14:43-15:3 Rabbi Tow15:32-15:36 Art Werschulz
714:1-14:7 David Salomon15:4-15:7 Rabbi Tow15:37-15:41 Howard Epstein
M14:5-14:7 David Salomon15:4-15:7 Rabbi Tow15:37-15:41 Howard Epstein
116:1-16:3 Nicoletta LT16:20-16:27 Art Werschulz17:25-18:7 Art Werschulz
216:4-16:7 Doris LT16:28-16:35 Art Werschulz18:8-18:10 Debbie Kaplan
316:8-16:13 Hazzan FLT17:1-17:5 Art Werschulz18:11-18:13 Fred Kant
416:14-16:19 Benjamin Dunford17:6-17:8 Art Werschulz18:14-18:20 Mark Kaplan
516:20-16:35 Art Werschulz17:9-17:15 Art Werschulz18:21-18:24 Hayley Goodman
617:1-17:8 Maxwell LT17:16-17:20 Art Werschulz18:25-18:29 Rabbi Goldstein
717:9-17:15 Joshua Schwartz17:21-17:24 Art Werschulz18:30-18:32 Girsh Sorkin
M17:9-17:15 Nicoletta LT17:21-17:24 Art Werschulz18:30-18:32 Girsh Sorkin
Huqqat/Balaq together
119:1-19:9 Not in 201721:21-21:25 Not in 201822:39-23:5 Not in 2016
119:1-19:6 Lisa L-T20:1-20:6 Rabbi Tow21:11-21:13 Louise Spergel
219:7-19:9 Lisa L-T20:7-20:13 Rabbi Tow21:14-21:16 Louise Spergel
319:10-19:13 Lisa L-T20:14-20:17 Rabbi Tow21:17-21:20 Art Werschulz
419:14-19:17 Lisa L-T20:18-20:21 Rabbi Tow21:21-21:25 Art Werschulz
519:18-19:22 Lisa L-T20:22-21:3 Jack Greenberg21:26-21:28 Zach Spergel
620:1-20:6 Alana Taub21:4-21:7 Jack Greenberg21:29-21:33 Zach Spergel
720:7-20:13 Alana Taub21:8-21:10 Jack Greenberg21:34-22:1 Zach Spergel
M20:7-20:13 Alana Taub21:8-21:10 Jack Greenberg21:34-22:1 Zach Spergel
122:2-22:4 Art Werschulz22:39-22:41 Fred Kessler23:27-23:30 Art Werschulz
222:5-22:7 Art Werschulz23:1-23:3 Rafi Koplan24:1-24:9 Art Werschulz
322:8-22:12 Art Werschulz23:4-23:6 Rafi Kopla23:10-24:13 Laura Cohen
422:13-22:20 Girsh Sorkin23:7-23:12 Laura Cohen24:14-24:19 Laura Cohen
522:21-22:27 Girsh Sorkin23:13-23:15 Spencer Brooks24:20-24:25 Girsh Sorkin
622:28-22:30 Laura Cohen23:16-23:18 Art Werschulz25:1-25:6 Girsh Sorkin
722:31-22:38 Laura Cohen23:19-23:26 Art Werschulz25:7-25:9 Patty Werschulz
M22:36-22:38 Laura Cohen23:19-23:26 Art Werschulz25:7-25:9 Patty Werschulz
125:10-25:12 Art Werschulz26:52-26:56 Mark Kaplan28:16-28:25 Art Werschulz
225:13-25:15 Art Werschulz26:57-26:62 Laura Cohen28:26-28:31 Art Werschulz
325:16-26:4 Art Werschulz26:63-27:5 Rabbi Tow29:1-29:6 Fred Kant
426:5-26:11 Girsh Sorkin27:6-27:14 Rabbi Tow29:7-29:11 Laura Cohen
526:12-26:22 Girsh Sorkin27:15-27:23 Girsh Sorkin29:12-29:16 Fred Kant
626:23-26:34 Joshua Schwartz28:1-28:10 Art Werschulz29:17-29:28 Alana Taub
726:35-26:51 Art Werschulz28:11-28:15 Art Werschulz29:29-30:1 Alana Taub
M26:48-26:51 Art Werschulz28:13-28:15 Art Werschulz29:35-30:1 Alana Taub
Matot/Masei together
130:2-30:9 Art Werschulz32:1:32-4 Rabbi Tow33:50-34:15 Art Werschulz
230:10-30:13 Art Werschulz32:5-32:19 Rabbi Tow34:16-34:29 Art Werschulz
330:14-30:17 Art Werschulz32:20-32:27 Art Werschulz35:1-35:8 Girsh Sorkin
431:1-31:12 Hazzan FLT32:28-32:42 Art Werschulz35:9-35:15 Girsh Sorkin
531:13-31:24 Hazzan FLT33:1-33:10 Art Werschulz35:16-35:29 Alana Taub
631:25-31:41 Girsh Sorkin33:11-33:36 Art Werschulz35:30-35:34 Ethan Kanig
731:42-31:54 Girsh Sorkin33:37-33:49 Art Werschulz36:1-36:13 Art Werschulz
M31:51-31:54 Girsh Sorkin33:47-33:49 Art Werschulz36:10-36:13 Art Werschulz
MatotNot in 2018
130:2-30:9 Not in 201730:2-30:932:1-32:4 not in 2016
330:14-30:17 30:14-30:1732:20-32:24
431:1-31:12 31:1-31:1232:25-32:27
531:13-31:24 31:13-31:2432:28-32:30
631:25-31:41 31:25-31:4132:31-32:38
731:42-31:54 31:42-31:5432:39-32:42
M31:51-31:54 31:51-31:5432:39-32:42
MaseiNot in 2018
133:1-33:3 Not in 201733:1-33:333:50-34:15 not in 2016
333:7-33:10 33:7-33:1035:1-35:8
433:11-33:23 33:11-33:2335:9-35:15
533:24-33:36 33:24-33:36 35:16-35:29
633:37-33:43 33:37-33:43 35:30-35:34
733:44-33:4933:44-33:49 36:1-36:13
M33:47-33:4933:47-33:49 36:10-36:13