Torah with Laura

Even the greatest was once a beginner. Don’t be afraid to take that first step.

A community thrives when many people participate in the ritual life.  TBEMC loves to see a variety of participants in our services.

Torah with Laura is a forum for rehearsal and practice to chant (lein) Torah, haftarah, megilla, and lead tefila. If there is demand we will  offer “Gabbai College” again this year–a one-session class on the basics of Torah service choreography.

If there is demand we will offer a 6 week course in learning to chant Torah  on Sunday mornings.   We follow the Religious School calendar.

If there is demand we will offer a course in learning to chant haftarah.

In the summer and throughout the year, Torah with Laura is available by appointment; telephone practice is available.  For upcoming Torah chanters and b’nei mitzvah, Torah with Laura is an opportunity to practice “hands-on” with the actual Torah scroll to experience the feeling with the scroll that is used in the prayer service.

If you would like to chant an aliya of Torah at an upcoming service, call Laura to get your assignment.  We offer apps, recordings,  and links to websites to help practice on your own.  Torah readers can benefit from having a tikkun, which is an aid to Torah chanting study containing the Torah text and script, side-by-side with the text containing trope notes and vowels. We recommend getting the Pocket Torah app –a tikkun that sings the entire Torah–for iPhones and Androids.

For questions about Torah with Laura call 908-389-1744 or

Have you been thinking about learning to chant the Torah?

Here is your opportunity to learn how!

Laura Cohen will teach a class with the objective of chanting an aliya
from the Torah scroll.

Here is your opportunity to study and practice with the goal of chanting a short aliya of Torah on a Shabbat morning.

  • Class will take place on Sunday mornings 11:00 -12:00 at TBEMC for up to  10 weeks if sufficient learners are interested–date to be announced.
  • Prerequisite:  You should be able to read Hebrew at a basic level.
  • You should be able to carry a tune but ability to read musical notation is not required.
  • Fee: $18 per person to be donated to the TBEMC Minyan Tzedakah Fund.
  • This course is open to members and non-members.  B’nei mitzvah candidates will have lessons separate from this course.
  • Registration or questions:
    • Call or email Laura Cohen 848-702-9106 (cell)  or through Facebook IM Laura Abrahams Cohen
    • Or call the TBEMC office 908-276-9231