Transition Blog

The future doesn’t exist yet

 “There is a sweet spot between the known and the unknown where originality happens; the key is to be able to linger there without panicking.” –Ed Catmull (Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios)

All congregations experience seasons when something has ended, but a new thing has not yet begun. TBEMC is at such a juncture. We are in-between rabbis, are welcoming a new cantor-educator, and have a new administrator. In addition, when we look around us, it is obvious that there have been major changes in the makeup of the Jewish community and in the way people relate to synagogues. We wonder, what will the future bring?

Catmull is right; staying with disorientation in a season of change is critical. Some people will want to return to the past, while others will want to make bold changes. The challenge is to stay with the ambiguity. This does not mean sitting and waiting. Rather, we will engage in focused work. We will create opportunities for people to tell stories about those times when TBEMC embodied everything it was supposed to be, share dreams for the future, and start to establish areas of strategic focus.

As this process develops, it is crucial that we listen to each other with love and respect. This transition blog is designed to help us have an active and open conversation. The rabbi, cantor and lay leaders will be contributing brief articles to offer their thoughts about the transition period and keep you informed of what is happening. Please ask questions and make comments on these blog entries!

It is my hope that the bonds and friendships we develop in the months to come will be fertile soil for the kinds of caring and commitment to each other that will make TBEMC truly a kehillah kedoshah, a holy community.

Best of life,

Rabbi David Klatzker